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Getting Started

Whether you’re a high-level executive, a sole proprietor, a small business owner, or a leader for a big-time corporation, who do you have in your corner that’ll take you to the next level?


Entrepreneurs, leaders, and big thinkers …

What is your vision for your life and your business - what is your life's work?

Most people have two lives: the life you live and the life you are capable of living.  When your daily activities are off course from your vision then the direction you’re moving in gets you further away from your goals.


People think they can compartmentalize themselves – they think they are supposed to be one person in their personal life and another in their work life. This causes confusion, energy exhaustion, stress, overwhelm, poor time management, and prioritization.

The value of a Professional Coach is receiving an objective perspective while defining to live out your purpose.  I am straightforward and will provide you with practical tools that work.

Why choose to work with me?  I am an agile guide.  I can take any concept & make it better!  I add structure and flush out the details to address the first call to action.  I will support you in your self-generated accountability for your purpose and goals.

Common sense reasons to work with me:

Personal Discernment

Seeing your life with fresh eyes: Get clarity on your personal and professional values, your life purpose, specific goals, your “why”, and a plan on how to get there.

Career Maze

Problem-solving your work and career-related tribulations as a necessity to loving your life. Get real, practice self-generated accountability, tap into your courageous conviction, and get the guts to do it – whatever “it” is for you.

Enterprising Entrepreneur

To be in the right mindset and have the required skills to start, maintain, and run a business. To recognize opportunities in front of you, tap into your unique creative style, and develop your effective problem-solving skills. You know it takes courage and boldness to establish a solid foundation to grow and succeed.

Well-Being Building

You want to experience what it means to thrive, feel energized, and have overall balance in all the areas of your life. What does “well-being” really mean? Health, happiness, and prosperity.

The Foreboding Wake-Up Call

For when you feel like life is happening TO you (loss around illness, relationship, work), and you want to change your perspective that it’s happening FOR you. To live a life with personal meaning, resilience, and zest.

Maximize Your Human Experience

So you are good where you are – and you know you can go even further. Getting to the “next-level” and stretch with inspiration, preparedness, delight, humor, realization, appreciation, accomplishment, profoundness, and absolute love of life.

As Long as You’re Getting Value

…you’ll keep coming back when coaching works for you. I’m often the “go-to” with many of my clients whether it’s on a specific topic they want to problem solve or talk out loud, or it could be a monthly, quarterly, or yearly check-in.

It's time to THRIVE!

Forget just keeping your head above water or maintaining the experience of just surviving. 

It's time for you, your business, or the team you collaborate with to THRIVE!  I can help you get there.

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