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Make this your time to thrive!

Life is chaotic, let's face it - some may even call it a Sh*t-Storm. "Time and tide wait for no man", so make the most of it today.

Love Your Life in the Midst of Chaos & Change!

Meet Alanna

Career and Lifestyle Developer

I help business leaders who want more out of life to become heart-centered master communicators, strategic change makers and awakened pioneers with purpose.


Imagine having the ability to break through anything that limits you.


Imagine if your legacy is being a leader and human being who is known to be emotionally intelligent, honorable, and principled.


My mission is to guide you to be more heart-centered (intuitive, emotionally intelligent, and connected), and to be able to see your perceived personal limitations and professional roadblocks. I give you the skills and practical tools to remove them so you can thrive. To Love Your Life!


Within this collaborative coaching partnership, you can expect to create exactly what you want regardless of what is holding you back. You will master your mindset and retune your inner voice that barricades you from achieving a higher level of success and becoming the best version of yourself.

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"Everything I've ever done, and everything I've ever experienced is a contribution to who I am today and who I am in the process of becoming".

~ Alanna Levenson

“I met Alanna when she co-facilitated an intensive three day workshop I attended. She is an extremely talented coach and engaging presenter; intelligent, passionate (and witty!).”

- Melanie Walker, VP Organizational Development--MGM Resorts International

My Coaching Specialties:


Business / Entrepreneurs


Leadership & Teams


Program Development

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