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Getting to know Alanna

Career & Lifestyle Developer

Since launching I Love My Life! Coaching in 2005, Alanna Levenson has been transforming thousands of lives and professionals' careers, and guiding entrepreneurs.


"I love working with my clients in learning how to get to the root of any challenge, and to find their natural rhythm for success. I partner with them in a personal discovery process where limiting beliefs, negative emotions, and old unwanted habits are set free.


A client once said that she sees me as a “psychic plumber” in addressing challenges in her business. I enjoy being a guide for everyone from sales staff and managers to business owners and CEOs from a broad range of companies and industries.

During the past two decades, I've expressed my work via private individual coaching, corporate seminars, and workshops, as well as accelerating teams via custom team coaching. My belief that “everyone is on their own path going at their own pace” puts my clients at ease so they can be at peace with where they are now, inspiring them to have a fresh outlook and maximize their opportunities at work and through the work they do."


I’ve been known to help my clients quickly to produce real, measurable results and help them become adept communicators. I enjoy being a highly trusted resource and I consistently go the distance each one needs to truly embrace their professional calling.

“As a coach, I bring value to the decision-making & problem-solving capacities of my clients.”                           ~ Alanna Levenson

After a successful, 16-year career in Corporate sales in mostly start-ups, I decided it was time to change course making a career change to become certified as a coach.  At first, I didn’t know who I would be working with or how I would be supporting them in transforming their lives. My true passion in coaching and teaching professionals is to support them in being able to say “I love my life!” while thriving in business, as well as to find deep satisfaction in what they are already spending a large percentage of time doing – working.

Licenses & Certifications

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