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Working With Alanna

Let's further clarify WHO you are and HOW you would like to work with me.


Individual: 1 - 1 Coaching

Are you an Entrepreneur or a Business Leader with goals that seem unatainable?

Here are some of the things that I commonly work on with my clients:

  • Mission, vision, and values

  • Career planning & progression

  • Executive presence & personal brand

  • Management fundamentals (incl. delegation, planning, feedback, performance management)

  • Inspirational leadership

  • Stress management, resilience & maintaining a healthy mindset

  • Strategic thinking, Time management, productivity, & expanding capacity

  • Influencing - Stakeholder management & managing up

  • Becoming a manager of managers / taking on a larger team

  • Leading a global team

  • Team Coaching and Achieving Team Coherence

  • Entrepreneurship

  • Life Coaching


Team Alignment or Corporate Change Facilitation

Do you lead a team or are you a part of a team that needs to be realigned?

There is a wide variety of topics we can introduce to your organization.  Below is a partial list, which can be customized to strengthen skills and/or provide a solution to a current challenge or inquiry.

  • Navigating Change & Collaborative Resilience

  • Creating Powerful Connections and Conversations

  • Sticks and Stones – What if nothing was personal?

  • Reality By Design – Conscious choices, conscious results

  • Purposeful Leadership

  • Life in Balance – Honoring all the pieces of the pie

  • Reaction vs. Responding – Problem vs. Solution

  • Building Rapport – Going beyond your initial impression

  • Public Speaking – Navigating Public Enemy Number One

  • Understanding the Upset – Anger, frustration, or pain?

  • Addressing the Elephant in the Room – Solutions to Move Forward

  • Our Origin Story and Authentic Values

  • Strengthening Stakeholder Relationships

  • Networking and Opportunity

  • Energizing Strengths and Rewarding Rituals

Alanna is also certified as an Activating the Heart of Teams™ – a HeartMath ® Certified Trainer.

"The only thing standing in my way is myself. Alanna gracefully and patiently shows me where, then gives me the tools so I can empower myself to clear the path forward. Her sensitivity and appreciation of the creative soul makes it a pleasure to work with her!"

Kerry S

Brand Builder

"I am incredibly grateful for the guidance and support of Alanna during my recent trials and tribulations that come along with being an entrepreneur. I was able to capitalize on her profound wisdom and implement some strategies immediately!"
"Alanna Levenson is one of those coaches who can both coach you, and give you advice. Her style is not just about setting goals; it's about fostering personal and professional growth tailored to the individual's needs, skills, and aspirations. I found Alanna's approach empowering throughout our 6-month coaching engagement"

Coaching Application 

Tell me a little about your immediate needs and LET'S GET STARTED!

I am looking forward to the opportunity to work with you! My imaginary assistant is perusing your submission - I will get back to you as soon as I possibly can.

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