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What type of coaching are you looking for?

Private and Personalized Coaching

Alanna’s Process:

  • Helps you communicate in your own words to others what you want personally and professionally.

  • Removes the “fog” in your life so you can have clarity in what you envision giving you focused direction.

  • Teaches you how to slow down your process so you can have a sense of ease that lets you be more present and creative.

  • Helps you eliminate tolerations and set healthy parameters that work for you personally and in your business or career to raise your standards.

  • Shifts your energy to customize business and career opportunities with the knowledge that the money will come.

  • Gets you out of your comfort zone and expands beyond your perceived limitations without the overwhelm.

  • Allows you to personalize your business and your lifestyle to have a fully integrated life to experience “work-life balance.”

  • Teaches you to be proactive by taking ownership starting with your thought process to understand the difference between reacting and responding.

  • Gives you the ability to synthesize your personal and professional life to be able to say, “I LOVE MY LIFE!”

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Entrepreneurial Business Coaching

Alanna’s Process aligns the individuals with the company vision to:

  • Clarify and create your vision to develop a strategic action plan.

  • Establish a high-performance environment by having employees who are loyal and wholeheartedly invested.

  • Alter the way you communicate and more importantly listen, to enhance professional and personal relationships.

  • Increase productivity that leads your company to more sustainable success.

  • Formulate, evaluate and refine your infrastructure.

  • Examine your leadership style.

  • Work with you and your team for “Optimal Office Performance”


Team Coaching 

Alanna's team coaching process is custom and tailored to the goals and requirements of your team.

Alanna’s Process:

  • Guidance towards a more cohesive alignment of goals, shared purpose, values, and beliefs. 

  • Encouragement for team members to go beyond their roles and understand other team members' aspirations, strengths, and passions. 

  • Clarity towards a collective set of aspirational goals that the team wants to accomplish - while taking the corporation's vision and values into account.

  • Discovery and exploration of new pathways regarding team development.

  • Support in building new tools for help with respect to continuous growth and development to improve team cohesiveness.

  • Challenge members when the team may require new perspectives for them to explore.

  • Provide a safe and supportive space so that all members are heard and points of view considered. 

Workshop Facilitation

Your leaders, executives, managers, and teams can experience higher levels of effectiveness and success right away.

I Love My Life! Coaching workshops are geared toward creating success in today’s business environment. These informative and well-paced trainings incorporate the latest advancements in relationship building, communication, personality management, integrity, and self-improvement skills.


Our intellectually stimulating and experiential workshops connect the dots between the two most powerful tools a person has, self-knowledge and self-awareness. In fact, these influential and interactive trainings not only raise awareness but also give attendees workable skills that can be put to use immediately.


Statistics have proven those who excel in communication and interpersonal relationships have a definite advantage. When a company provides training for employees in these areas, they are more apt to succeed.

I Love My Life! Coaching brings its participants the opportunity to tap into their values, skills, and strengths. Your leaders, executives, managers and teams can experience higher levels of effectiveness and success right away.


There are a wide variety of topics we can introduce to your organization.  Below is a partial list, which can be customized to strengthen your employees’ skills and/or provide a solution to a current challenge or inquiry.

  • Navigating Change Successfully

  • Creating Powerful Connections and Conversations

  • Sticks and Stones – What if nothing was personal?

  • Reality By Design – Conscious choices, conscious results

  • Purposeful Leadership

  • Life in Balance – Honoring all the pieces of the pie

  • Reaction vs. Responding – Problem vs. Solution

  • Building Rapport – Going beyond your initial impression

  • Public Speaking – Navigating Public Enemy Number One

  • Understanding the Upset – Anger, frustration, or pain?


Workshops can be customized for large and small audiences with different

workable time frames, i.e. a two-hour workshop or an all-day event. All are

designed to support your staff development and team-building needs.

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